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We provide sessions on exchanging and impairing information via listening, reading, and speaking. Communication is an essential skill for social interaction.

Medical Biometrics

These sessions particularly deal with biometric authentication that comes in handy in computer sciences. Reserve your session in this subject area without further ado.


This subject handles the uncertainty and laws that govern mathematical events. Our sessions include interpretation, analysis, and collection of the numerical display.

Consumer Behavior

The subject is a sub-branch of marketing. We teach the students how consumers behave and react to a new product when it arrives in the market.

Linear Algebra

We teach linear algebra in these sessions. It is a modern illustration of geometry with the definition of objects like rotation, planes, and lines.


Journalism is the distribution and production of recent events and reports. The sessions in this subject teach the techniques of collecting information and data.


From the history of jazz to the modern trends of pop music, this subject comprises of every genre of music and how it has evolved. Book a session for details.

Solar Energy

Our thorough sessions about this subject area will familiarize you with the concepts on which the solar energy conversion processes are based.


The subject is a study of rocks, solid earth and all the solid composure naturally formed on this planet. We also teach you natural processes that change the Earth.


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Test Prep Sessions

GAT Graduate Assessment Test

$30 Free

  • Problem Solving Pattern
  • Quantitative Comparison
  • Verbal Abilities Pattern
  • Sentence Completion

SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test

$20 Free

  • Evidence-Based Reading
  • Analytical Problem Solving
  • Mathematics Problems
  • Time Management

GRE Graduate Record Examinations

$35 Free

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Problem Solving

IELTS International English Language Testing System

$35 Free

  • Comprehension
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking

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